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OralFitnessCheck (OFC) is the first and only chairside (point of care) biomarker test for the oral cavity. It provides real-time insight into the condition of the mouth. The OFC quantifies an important biomarker (aMMP-8), providing an objective indication of a person's real-time oral health status. While biomarkers may be new to the oral health field, biomarkers have been commonly used in medicine for many years and for various clinical applications, including those related to cardiovascular disease,  ulcerative colitis, rheumatoid arthritis, certain cancers, and more.

A commitment to full patient health

Our mission is to support clinicians by providing patented technology and all the implementation, integration, and educational support services at every step so you can help your patients obtain and maintain optimal oral health. Our oral wellness products are designed to help you communicate the importance of optimal daily oral hygiene with your patients so that they are more highly motivated to adhere to the dental care necessary to maintain their natural teeth and implants for life.


Understanding the science - What is aMMP-8?

OralFitnessCheck is a simple saliva or oral fluid screening test that takes 30 seconds to administer and provides a numerical readout of the patient’s Oral Fitness Score in just 5 minutes. For patients, their Oral Fitness Score gives them greater insight into the health of their mouth motivating them to “take action” by performing optimal daily oral hygiene and accepting the recommended treatment.

OralFitnessCheck measures the amount of the biomarker aMMP-8 in oral fluid. This fluid is a combination of gingival sulcular fluid and saliva. The Oral Fitness Score also provides a measure by which the patient and clinician can understand the patient’s homecare compliance between appointments.

OralFitnessCheck is not a diagnostic test. It is an oral wellness screening test that assists oral health care providers and patients with information in combination with an oral examination, giving a real-time measure of potential disease activity or breakdown.

Clinical Testimonials

Educating our patients on the Mouth-Body Connection, performing the PerioFitness analysis and presenting them with their results has made a tremendous impact on our Hygiene Program and overall case acceptance.

Dr. Deepika Dhama

Clinician, Norco, CA

It is a total Mouth-Body Connection. Once my team really saw the power of the test - the number - it really helped them drive the message to the patient in a way that everyone can understand so that we can deliver what our patients need.

Dr. Mirian Ho

Clinician, Mesa, AZ

We use it on everyone that walks in the door. The whole team got on board, and they feel like they OWN it. My assistant offers it to all new patients before I even walk in to meet them. It is something that they can actually see, it is very tangible.

Kimberly Lee

Dental Hygienist, Surprise, AZ

Learn more about how this revolutionary technology is helping patients achieve optimal Oral Fitness.

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All dento products are general wellness products indicated for use to support patient oral hygiene education and to support the motivation of patients to maintain good oral hygiene behavior. The OralFitnessCheck, ImplantFitnessCheck, and PerioFitnessCheck products should not be used to assess health status, determine prognosis, diagnose or prevent disease, make treatment decisions, or monitor treatment effect. Copyright 2024 | dento©